A new venue for LJBees

So, whether you’re here from twitter, my old site / archive, or via entomological internet wanderings:

Hello, folks!

I’ve set up this blog as a new place for bringing together my interests in ecology, citizen science and gardening, and to provide a good place to house any projects I’m working on and answer questions from readers about any of the above.  There’s not a huge amount here yet, but that will change.

A quick summary of myself – I’m an entomologist, with specific interest in citizen science (the involvement of non-specialists in science) and the ecology of urban environments.  Most of us live in at least partly ‘urbanised’ areas, but that doesn’t mean that there is no wildlife to see, or that there aren’t things that we can do to help out the cosmopilitan critters that share our spaces. I’m particularly interested in the meeting between ecology and gardening – what works, what doesn’t, and what we can find out while we’re out there.  After all, “the only difference between messing around and science is writing it down”, and gardening by its nature involves interacting with the natural world, so gardeners are in a fantastic position to observe wildlife, even in places not specifically being managed for nature.

Question, comments or queries all welcome – send me an email or tweet @LJBees.

bee square 2
I do not always wear this bee costume, I promise.

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